Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Why does my license plate look weird?", I ask myself as I exit the grocery store. Yep, just as I thought, they got me. Someone stole my sticker. I don't know if it happened in the parking garage where a month ago someone pooped in the stairwell, about the biggest poop I've ever seen or while parked overnight on the street by my house. Either way, I can't complain too much, I guess. I've lived here a year and this is my first time paying the city tax, which hopefully won't cost money to replace, just a lunch break spent sitting dealing with the government bureaucracy at the DMV. I miraculously haven't been mugged yet and a crackhead hasn't busted in my window to steal my broken ass tape deck, so I still come out ahead in this one. It's a fitting end to an already shitty week where I found out last minute that my favorite folk punk band was playing the dive bar by my house at the last minute and decide to go only to listen to the first two bands who were terrible, the second of which took an absurd amount of time to set up for three hippies who didn't really test their sound because I couldn't hear their respective instruments over the sound of the everything else happening, during which I called it a night because I still had to work on Thursday morning, fighting with that dude's Java installation making it work with some third party website. It'still an awesome job, though, even though I have to park in a parking structure where bums occasionally poop in the stairwell and potentially steal your license plate sticker because the people are cool and I don't have to fight for new equipment or save and reconstitute old junk like at the paper mill. Hell, I get to talk to the one lady about Ghost Adventures and she lets me know that I can buy the scary ass spirit box thingy so I can speak to the ghosts in the server room, which I'm not about to do because I'm down there alone too much.

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