Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I've lived in my town for a year now and I've got to say, I couldn't possibly love it more here. Best decision ever to move my dumb ass out of central Wisconsin to Milwaukee. I'm sad I didn't do it sooner, though, so I could have taken part in the 24 hour bike race, or I could have joined the adult kickball league. I don't even mind that much that my apartment is damn small and my kitchen sucks ass. I'm at a point where my hospital bills are payed off and I actually like where I live for the first time in my life. I don't hate every single person I meet every day. I don't talk to women yet, but that could come around. I find myself fascinated with the concept of tiny house living which really goes against everything I've wanted for myself in the past, but the baby boomers don't have a convincing argument for getting into debt to buy a Mcmansion so I can be jealous of neighbors. Fuck all that. I love that there's co-ops around here. The bar, the bookstore, and the grocery and that everyone in the neighborhood takes part in boycotts. I always felt like an eccentric nutjob for not buying certain products because I didn't agree with certain companies, but everyone here is the same way. And they don't say shit about my left arm not working. I'm not made to feel different or anything. Sure, no woman has so much as smiled in my general direction since moving here, but what else is new? I'm the ugliest motherfucker that's ever walked this earth, get over it, son. Build your tiny house and get on with life being happy away from rednecks, dipshits, my family, and religious shitheads.

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