Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It might be unfortunate that Irish Fest, one of the last cultural festivals of the season, is the first one that I chose to visit. It's just that I can't take a lot of concentrated white people. I nearly flipped my shit when that kid got a sub sandwich instead of any of the fine food around the grounds. Granted, my banger platter was lackluster. The mashed potatoes were obviously instant mash potatoes and the carrots were barely warm, but the bangers were decent. I mean, numerous vendors had shepherds pies that smelled amazing, but I assume most were actually cottage pies. In the parlance of meat pies, shepherds contains lamb mince, while cottage is beef mince, which would be more fitting for an American palette. But they actually had curry fries at several stands, which made me happy, even though the fries were still coldish. To finish out my English pub dining experience, I found a vendor shilling Wuster crisps, which I can buy in the imports section at my grocery, but I don't like paying $3.50 for a bag of chips that I finish in a half a sitting.

Post Irish Fest, I hit up bogo Sunday at the local where I forgot it was the apple pie contest that I didn't want to enter but wanted to taste. I'm not an apple pie person, but the winning pie was made by a board member of the co-op, so I had to take some nibbles from the pie my buddy got. The crust was off, if you ask me. If it was from a member of the co-op, it was probably vegan and gluten free, which explains the offness, but the apple I tasted had no cinnamon, which is an important component of apple pie for me. My buddy mentioned they might do a pumpkin pie contest which I'm going to win. I don't know that there's any rewards associated with it, but bragging rights of "best pumpkin pie in Riverwest" is all the reward I need. My plan is to first perfect the crust, getting my grandma's recipe and doing the Cook's Illustrated vodka crust technique anding the best happy medium and then focusing on the filling. Fresh pumpkin vs. canned, high end vanilla vs. the cheap stuff, and comparing molasseses if I choose my molasses pumpkin pie as my entry, which I probably will because that's always the Tomsgiving winner. I have a feeling that I'll be sick of pumpkin pie by Tomsgiving, so it might be sweet potato pie this year.

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