Thursday, July 04, 2013

It was a 4th of July of let downs. The Stella Artois Cidre was terrible. I drank three in quick succession and didn't catch a buzz. If I can drink three beers and not catch a buzz, either I'm an alcoholic, which is possible, or the beer is shitty and weak.I expect more from Stella.

Every other place I've lived had a big gathering around the body of water that the town started near. It's always a celebration that lasts all day and culminates with a decent fireworks display. Milwaukee seems to do it differently. I was unaware of this, so my plan was to go to the big body of water, the lake, and people watch from a blanket. People here don't gather at the lake to watch fireworks here. There were only a couple groups of people set up when I finally got there at about 5, which would be pretty late in any other town I've lived in. I spent my morning cooking food that I planned on photoing for the food blog I've been imagining. That did not happen, though the English summer berry pudding is delicious. Every year, on the 4th of July, it's my hope that I'll somehow run into my crush whoever she may be and find her not with anybody in particular and say "Hey, wanna watch fireworks together?". It never happens. I didn't see the girl with hair that's as red as my sweatshirt, nor did I see any of my favorite neighborhood people, so I gave up on the lake and settled on the hill by the reservoir. The hill by the reservoir gives you a good view of the city and the surrounding area, so you're at a good vantage point to see all the fireworks displays happening in the area, which would be great except all of the displays are pretty lackluster compared to what I'm used to. If they all pooled their money and settled on an area to put of a show, they'd have a kick ass display, worthy of the town that gave us Schlitz. And now the plan is to try to sleep and dream about what could have been while hopefully not getting woken up by my neighbors bombing cars parked on the street.

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