Monday, July 29, 2013

The Riverwest 24, "The People's Holiday", as it was being touted, wasn't what I was hoping for. My brother's friend mentioned that I would see some crazy shit, crazy even for Riverwest, at some point during the 24 hour bike race. I volunteered for a shift at the co-op to be part of the craziness while they were open for the whole race. The craziest thing I saw was a dude standing on a fire hydrant at the end of my block mounting his double decker bike he clearly welded himself. I saw more people with face tattoos that I suspect were fake because they didn't look nearly as crusty and grizzled as my favorite bar tender Bob who has real face tattoos. I think perhaps nearly a year in Riverwest has desensitized me to crazy shit, even though I haven't witnessed all that much. I read a few months back that someone tried to stab Bob after the bar closed and my reaction was that Bob probably stabbed back. My plan was to get a thirty rack of beer and party with the racers and make them pizza, but there wasn't nearly as many as nuts racers as I had envisioned when I saw them camping out in the park for registration the night before registration opened in May. I maintained sobriety for the whole weekend, which I don't think is how you're supposed to do it, but with all the stinky bike riders in the neighborhood, I imagine our giant raccoons were scared and I don't want to mess with those bastards when they're scared and I'm drunk.

I guess it could be called crazy that someone purchased a pound and a half of vegan "jerqee", which I tried once because I wanted a snack to eat on my way home from the grocery store. Jerqee was probably the most vile thing I've ever tasted. I don't know what it is, but it makes my mouth very sad, so seeing someone purchase a pound and a half of the shit still confuses me. I don't know if there's even nutrients in there or if they're made from melted tires seasoned with brewer's yeast.

I spent a large part of the post race contemplating getting tickets to see Alton Brown. Tickets are about $200 when you factor in the service charge, which isn't astronomical considering I have a job and no debts, but, as an optimist, I'm left with the quandary of one ticket or two? I looked into the hotel I'd stay at and they have openings for that weekend. Knowing what I do about that hotel, I'd say there's a chance Alton Brown might stay there, making the $170 a night seem reasonable. From that quandry, I go into the fact that I probably won't be going to Fest, not because I can't afford it, because I well could but because my job doesn't give me PTO, so should I drop $850 on season tickets to the hockey team, seats right against the glass? Sounds okay, the garage where I park is mere blocks from the arena, but the team kinda sucked both times I saw them last year. Sucked, as in, the Point college team would have put up a good effort and possibly won against guys who were one step from the pros.

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