Friday, July 12, 2013

That was a shitty week. I had a dog for twenty minutes on Monday. I came home from work an saw a dog walking around aimlessly, pissing on the ugly plants by the street. As I parked, he crossed the street an started making his way towards the busy street that's a main vein to the interstate where a dog, even a pit bull, could get smushed by a car. So I yelled at him "What's up, dog?", my common dog greeting and it surprisingly listened and came over to me friendly-like. I decided to let him follow me into my house because it was so hot and I figured he needed water. I got him a dish of water, which he wasn't interested in and checked his tags. At least he had tags of some sort. Riverwesters are typically stupid with their pets. His tags were useless, no identifying tags, just something about his rabies shots, nothing to give me a name or address. "Well, dog, you can't live here, even though you're a cool dog. Let's wait outside. I'm sure your people are looking for you." I waited on my porch for twenty minutes, but no people came, so I decided to walk the block, following the dog, hoping he instinctively knew his way back. Nope. A neighbor a few doors down had a bucket of water on his sidewalk, perhaps that's his home. Nope But the neighbor had a dog and knew to look at the information on the rabies tag and call to get the owner's info. I've never had a dog that required tags, so I didn't realize that's a thing. Neighbor dude called up the vet people who told him to take Scrote, a name he decided on because of the dog's visibly shaven sack, to the police station on MLK and they'll get him home. I offered to drive him, but neighbor dude said he'd do it. And so ends the time I had a friendly brown pit bull named Scrote.

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