Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's too hot in my house, I ate too much to want to drink some more at the bar for bogo Sunday, and I've got a million thoughts going through my head, so this is happening.

Thursday night was the second of the Milwaukee summer underwear bike rides. I can't ride a bike anymore, but their after party was at the bar by my house that promised you got in free if you can in underwear. This is a project they do to raise awareness of body issues and to try to help people feel better about their bodies. For as long as I can remember, I've hated my body. To allow myself to walk down the block in underwear, no shirt, was no small task. It took much staring into the mirror and telling myself my stretch marks were battle scars, tiger stripes. Ultimately, I decided that if someone said anything or someone gave me a look or made me feel generally uncomfortable, I could slam my beer and walk the half block home, but this is Riverwest, that's not going to happen.I get there and slam my first Grain Belt because I'm uncomfortable and the shit I had been drinking to get myself the courage to do this started kicking in on the second one when the band started playing and the foreign dude started talking to me but only saying things while loud songs were playing. He asked what's up with your arm, but I couldn't understand him until he pointed at his arm, when I immediately understood what he was saying. Yep, time to GTFO, the underwear bike crowd was just entering and the awesome band, who classified themselves as gypsy rock, was finishing up.

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