Sunday, June 30, 2013

Less Than Jake is playing my town tomorrow or later today and 17 year old me would kick my ass for not even considering going to see them. The thing 17 year old me doesn't know is that by 32, I've already seen them live in Gainesville, which nothing could ever top, and that they don't play any songs pre-Losing Streak because they don't remember how to play them. Give me a 40 of Steel Reserve and I guarantee you I can belt out every word to One Last Cigarette provided they're giving me one last Lucky Strike after I'm done. I don't want to hear any of the new songs, I just want to hear that Pezcore shit, the shit 17 year old Tom absolutely loves. That's what I'm talking about and that'll get me to brave the crowds of inane hipster asshole kids who think TV is real life. Getting old is hell.

said Tommy T. at 12:11 AM - #

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