Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear Tom, Don't fuck this up. This is a good job. You get to wear shorts to work on Fridays, despite having a visible tattoo. The people there are friendly and more knowledgeable than those at the paper mill and there's no angry fat person who makes it their duty to snitch at the first sign of not doing things by the book for once, and you like your unorthodox methods of fixing things.

They're paying you a living wage and benefits. The dude training you hasn't said a thing about your arm not working right and he knows his shit and knows that he doesn't know everything. And they just got in another pallet of monitors so that everyone gets dual monitor setups, so you don't have to listen to people bitch about not having that luxury. This shit's solid!

Remember when your life fell the fuck apart? When you lost your job, you almost died and you were a fat piece of shit? Well, being fat is a choice, and you fixed that, you got your shit together and moved away from the asshole of Wisconsin.Now you're in a place where one of the hottest girls you see has fire engine red hair and works at the yuppie coffee place and maybe you'll even talk to her because shit's going well. Right?


said Tommy T. at 8:07 PM - #

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