Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Apparently, my dumb ass is in demand. I got another job offer today, this one for the internship that pays less, offers a longer commute to the yuppie suburbs and includes no benefits. Where the hell was all this when I needed it? It seems Milwaukee is the place to be. I don't like that I was competing for an internship at a furniture place at 32, but it appears that's where I'm at, so I'll roll with it. I still would have jumped at that internship with the Brewers, no matter how lousy they are, but this current new job is great. No fat people whinging to deal with, new equipment to play with and they appreciate that I get shit done. "Okay, our goal is to roll out three PCs a week."

"Three a WEEK? Shit, bitch, I could roll out three a DAY at the paper mill if I didn't waste too much time reading slashdot or resetting passwords for dipshits."

I'm hoping that because I'll likely have this project to roll out 50 PCs done in about a month, they'll be impressed enough to keep me on  to help with their rumored move to Schlitz Park next year, which would make them a 20 minute walk from my place in a part of my neighborhood that's not too sketch. Weirdest thing about this job so far: There's a black guy who is a Winnipeg Jets fan. A black person who likes hockey is almost unimaginable enough, but a Jets fan? Fuckin eh!

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