Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The best part of my week is Wednesday morning when I volunteer at the Co-op grocery. I look forward to it  because it's turned into my social day. The morning people are generally pretty cool and it's fun being around food. I don't even mind the hippies. The girl who trained me hasn't come in for the past three weeks with no word to the volunteer coordinator. I don't think she likes me for whatever reason. I don't know that I said anything stupid to her apart from asking what some weird vegetable was or not knowing how to process a WIC card, which is pretty damn simple. Come in at eight, put on a spotify station for a few hours and just chill. Social Wednesday is a good thing.I wore my Mischief Brew shirt today and the coordinator asked if I had ever seen them live. "Yeah, I actually saw him like seven years ago. He played out across the street from here."
"Yeah? I help put that show on. It took us hours to fill water balloons." Water balloons for the streetwide water balloon fight that took place afterwards, that was one of the coolest post show events I had ever seen.

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