Thursday, May 09, 2013

I'm a little miffed as to whether that interview went as well as I thought because, as someone who has never gotten a job he's interviewed for before, it's obvious I'm a poor judge of these things. When posed with the "Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?" question, I thought it a good idea to point out that I, too, read reddit and an well aware of that meme and that I choose the hundred duck sized horses because they'd be small enough to be stomped into oblivion. Upon further thought, I'm worried that admitting to understanding the reddit meme gives away that I enjoy wasting time reading /r/iama because some of that shit is hilarious and Gabe from Penny Arcade answered my question once. I didn't mention that if OP gets the safe open that I'll drop whatever I'm doing to see the nothing that's in it because I want to see OP deliver. I'd like to believe that admitting to being a slacker  could work in my favor for a job that's only a shitty paying internship that includes a long commute to the suburbs that's probably very shitty during rush hours. I've resigned myself to not caring about this one because the pay is worse than my previous contract and this one seems like more work with less respect involved. It sounds like they haven't blocked reddit, though, so it can't be entirely shitty.

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