Monday, May 13, 2013

I give myself until June to find a job so I can fire on that Fest ticket, which looks like it'll require a week off this year because of the pre-Fest in Tampa, which looks like an awesome time and a wise choice since the bus service I used that took you from Jacksonville to Gainesville went tits up a little over a year ago. The bus trip was the most enjoyable part. Last time, I met the dude from Australia and the guys from California who I hung out with because we stayed at the same hotel the first night. We went to the preshow at Warren's restaurant and I got to see how short Warren from Against Me! was. Setting up transportation on a 55 seat bus from Tampa to Gainesville sounds like a great idea and it helps that ticks to Tampa are cheaper than tickets to Jacksonville. Now, all I have to do is convince some asshole H.R. person that I'm the person for the job in their low pay, shitty hours helpdesk position. I've considered using the line "Because I fucking want to go to Fest." when asked "Why do you want this job?" in the hopes that the interviewer is a fan orgcore punk rock, but the interviewer is always some stodgy middle aged woman with very obviously bleached hair, so most likely not a person that listens to music of any kind.

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