Friday, April 12, 2013

The first volunteer shift was very fun. Fun enough that it didn't seem like work jockeying a register and stocking fruit. The dude that gave me orientation told me I'd be working with Ann. I came looking for Ann at 8 in the morning, hoping Ann was a little old lady from Riverwest who volunteers to give her something to do during retirement.No, Ann was a vegan Riverwest mid-twenties college student, Riverwest cute in yoga pants. She taught me to use the register while we drank coffee and listened to NPR. I told myself I'm not falling for this girl because the man that gave me orientation told me that this is a "safe place". Not just as in safety, but a place where you can be safe from prejudice, discrimination and any other worries. So, nope, not doing that because that respect applies to us all.

I had fun doing work and talking about food. The lady that came in with her maybe five year old son and bought ten pounds of bananas surprised me because who needs ten pounds of bananas? And five pounds of beets? People buy beets?

Right about the time my shift ended, the next volunteers came in. No introduction after I introduced myself, so I don't know their names, but the one lady seemed a little perturbed that I was slow, so I let her know it was my first day and I was still learning. I had on my splint that helps me pinch with my thumb and forefinger. "What happened to your hand?!" I explained it and she apologized that she was grumpy. Truthfully, I barely noticed. I mean, the weather was shitty, so I was a little grumpy myself and nothing she did seemed out of the ordinary that someone would do. I then had to fill out paperwork saying I understood the co-op rules and then I was on my way home. I got about a block back home when the lady who thought she was rude shouted my name and told me to have a good day. Friendly people are cool. I think I'm going to enjoy the volunteering thing. All the customers I helped were cool and basically everyone I helped knew how to operate the register, so they helped me figure shit out. I'm looking forward to doing it again.

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