Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm glad I got back to do the trivia weekend with my friends. Playing in the world's largest trivia contest isn't something that's easily explainable to someone that's never done it before. It's a chance to see friends that you might not see more than that weekend each year. During the 54 straight hours, you're in a confined space with those people, doing little more than answering obscure questions and smelling smells that don't have any reason to exist in this world.

I didn't plan on driving straight home afterwards, but my buddy needed to get back to Milwaukee and sleeping on a cot or couch again didn't sound near as good as the prospect of my bed with pillows sounded, so I offered. Staying awake while driving at three in the morning isn't difficult for me, which is an attribute I find a little worrying. It gets me thinking I'm autistic or something because I focus on just that one goal of getting home and I put my body through the rigors of further sleep deprivation easily. Yes, those are the kind of things that go through my head at three in the morning while sleep deprived.

The big downer is that, id we come back next year, we'll likely have to do it under a different name. Our team is the troublemakers of the tournament, a badge of honor we take seriously. They give out a phone number for complaints fairly early in the tournament. This complaint line is manned solely by the head honcho. He's not smart enough to turn this cell phone off when he goes on the air, so we call it every time he comes on. Apparently, this has been going on for years now, so when it was over this year, head man called out our guy doing the pranking, give his name and phone number out on the air, which is a major no-no according to the FCC. Fines can be levied for such things. Not insignificant fines, either. So, it's likely we won't be welcomed back with open arms.

Not being able to come back is a shame because we had our best showing ever this year. A respectable 38th place.

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