Saturday, March 02, 2013

That was interesting. My site was fucked up for over a day, which I figured was due to the ISP where the shit is stored having nuked it. That led me to the bad realization that I don't have anything here backed up anywhere over numerous computers with terabytes of available space. I was ready to be hunkered in for a day of building a new site from scratch, which I may still do to keep myself occupied.

That thing I wanted to say to the girl at work, I didn't say. I instead opted to ask if she had any big plans for her weekend and she, in return, asked me. I mentioned about considering going to see Bruce Campbell. In my head, best case scenario, she starts to geek out about Evil Dead or Army of Darkness and I've got my in. Not quite how it went.
"Who's Bruce Campbell?"
"He was in a movie called Army of Darkness."
"I don't think I've ever heard of that."
"It's kind of a guy movie."
Damn, Tom, never seen or heard of Army of Darkness? Is that an unforgivable character flaw or a situation we can rectify? Either way, still not in this lifetime, sir.

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