Sunday, March 31, 2013

I didn't make my 47 days of Lent. I did, however, make i a respectable 32 days before losing my contract job and the cute girl at work. I had told myself that if I could make it 47 days, I'd ask Jessie out for coffee and, when she was gone, decided that since it was no longer a possibility, I didn't give much of a shit anymore about the whole thing. It seemed like the 47 days of Lent was more of a possibility than it ever has while that thinking about asking that girl out. The prize of allowing myself to buy the new receiver didn't mean enough to me because it weighs in the neighborhood of 40 pounds, making it large and clumsy for a one handed person to move. The fact that there's really no room for such an appliance in my living room made it even more unattractive a prize. I'm contemplating starting over and trying to make it the 40 days until Ascension Day with the help of NoFap because I felt a lot more confident than I have in a while when I had gone weeks without rubbing one out.

It felt good to actually give a shit about things for a while again, though. Because I wanted to catch the eye of the girl at work, I set foot in places I've never considered before and it turns out Banana Republic has nice looking clothes for skinny people. If I had closet space, I would purchase a lot from there from their Mad Men collection. $70 for a tie seems steep, but, as a debt free person, it's not out of reach entirely.

I've found a new conflict to waffle about now, though. My favorite comedian ever is coming to town the weekend of the Trivia weekend back in Central Wisconsin. I want to go back for that and see my friends again and eat too much junk food and not sleep enough, but I very much want to see John Pinette on Saturday night. Because I let that potential opportunity pass me by with the girl at work, it makes it a little easier to pass up the comedian at the Pabst theater because going alone sounds pretty shitty in this case, so that makes my final decision a little easier.

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