Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eight pints in to St. Patty's Day isn't enough to drown the regret from not saying to that girl "Hey, I think you're really cute and I'd like to get coffee with you sometime". Perhaps that's a good thing, maybe I can ride the regret this time to making myself talk to the next one. I'm not that sure of myself, though, so I doubt that'll happen unless it's in the next thirty seconds. Sorry, Tom. You'll have to overcome the fact that you're the ugliest human that's ever walked this earth and you have a stroke side.
The only real failure is regret. I don't think I failed with the whole Gogol Bordello girl incident because I at least tried in that situation, no matter how embarrassing it was. I think this current situation feels worse than that one when I received a note that contained the words "...though I am taken..." I don't know if that'll ever amount to more than the shame of not making a real move here.

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