Friday, February 15, 2013

It's about the hardest thing in the world to not be one of them and feel sorry for yourself on Valentine's Day. I somehow managed to do it by reminding myself that I'm in that position of my own volition. It's my own cowardice for not acting on something that I wanted to, even if it's in the best interest of self preservation that I don't let that girl at work know what's up. The girl at work seemed bummed out yesterday. Did she want me to give her that Kepi card I ordered last year which I unpacked and carried around all day, just in case? No, not in this lifetime. Only play the cards you're shown. I had a meeting yesterday with the agency that's working to help me find permanent work. They gave me the book that the guy I interviewed with last month gave to other candidates he though would be programmers because one of his picks told him he couldn't do C# programming afterwards. They also gave me instructions on what he's looking for in a candidate, basically what to do with that book. That's their mistake, a big one, because nothing motivates me more than being able to make someone who has written me off look like a huge asshole. So, with that book, it's my intention to write the program that was to be my final project for my C++ class about 14 years ago. I dropped that class because the teacher was a Hmong guy for whom English was a second or third language and was therefore not helpful at explaining things. The thing is, I'm fairly certain that's not the kind of job that I want. Being able to show the guy that yes, I can do this and well and then being able to say no thanks would be the ultimate fake out. Sweet, sweet revenge. That's my raison d'ĂȘtre.

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