Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I woke up way too early stressed out about my job for the second day in a row. Why stressed out? My job is silly, it's nothing to stress about. It's a shitty contract positionwhere they just keep assigning me projects that should be doable in two weeks but take a month because getting what I need from team members is like pulling teeth while herding cats. It got me thinking that, if they were to extend an offer for a real position at this company, I'd have to decline because I'm not sure what it is they do here. The weird Polish lady microwaves a seven course meal every day starting right away in the morning while she asks everyone who stops for coffee how their holidays were. Two weeks into January and she's still asking people about their holidays. And then there's the lady who got married in Mexico who can't be much older than me but has a voice like an old barmaid who eats nothing but reburn cigarettes. Some poor bastard is waking up to that voice every morning now.She prattles on and on about her wedding reception to anyone who pretends to listen. Very rarely do I notice anyone actually working, which seems odd to me. At this point, all I want from this gig is to finish it off and get a decent reference to find something that isn't shitty. I had an interview last week which was the weirdest interview I've ever had. We met at Starbucks, so I had to break my rule to never set foot into one of those fucking stores. A first since I went to the original one in Seattle. No "Tell me about a time you..." questions, no "where do you see yourself in five years?", which makes me happy because if you can't ask an original question, I'll give you my rehearsed "Celebrating the five year anniversary of you asking me this question!" response. The dude said he was willing to train me to do what I needed to do, a novel idea that I've never been offered before. Does America train people anymore or are you just expected to hit the ground running every time? He asked me what hours I'd like to work. "Well, I work 7:30-4:30 every day and would probably stick with that schedule..." "Oh, we don't start until 8:30 or 9. One guy doesn't come in until 10." "And... and you're cool with that?" "Yeah. I get that IT people, particularly programmers, are their own breed." So they're willing to treat me like an adult, which is one of the perks that drew me to this line of work originally. And that's kind of the thing I'm looking for at this point. I'm fucking debt free, beholden to no one, I'm square with the house, I don't owe you shit. Because of my burdens, I've learned how to live off of basically nothing. Punk rock saved my life there. To stay ahead of my current bills and rent, I have to work one week a month at what I'm getting paid. With that, I should be doing something that I want to do for the rest of the month. With that attitude, I'm not ever going to drive a Cadillac or own a house, but that's not something that would ever happen in the first place. At that point, my clock read 4:55, too early to start a morning, but too late to really get any real meaningful sleep before the alarm. So pile the worry on! Should I talk to that girl I want to talk to and tell her that it makes my day when I get to see her? No, past experience says that's a bad idea, I think she's pretty cute and god knows I don't deserve a girl I think is cute. Don't try that, Tom. Also, don't feel sorry for yourself like some fucking pillock in a month for being alone on the ides of February.

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