Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I read that by yesterday, three weeks into the new year, most people have given up their resolutions and that yesterday is a day they call "Blue Monday", the most depressing day of the year. Yeah, yesterday sucked, I found out I'm not getting that job that pays $28 an hour and I think the cute receptionist is gone and it's brass monkeys cold, but I haven't even begun my assault on the year. When the cold snap lifts, I've got to get enlisted at the gym because the Januaries should either be gone or have figured out how to turn the stair stepper torture device on. And I've got to start eating better. No more processed food for this guy. I'll miss the gourmet tamales, though. There was a time when I ate home cooked meals when I lived at my shitty apartment. I ate terribly last year when I was trying to lose weight, some days skipping food entirely in an attempt to trim more off. The day that I fit into my skinny pants again was amazing, though. The last month or so in Point, I only ate from the day old bakery section so I wouldn't have to get groceries before moving and a loaf of day old bread or donuts would be my meal for the day. I'm trying to get back to a point where I've got a meal plan in mind when I go grocery shopping, which cuts back on the impulse buys of food that's terrible for me. I know better than that, I was raised better. And my first opportunity to volunteer in the neighborhood is this weekend at the Co-op grocery's spaghetti dinner, if a one handed person will be any use to them at a spaghetti dinner. I'm a little nervous about volunteering for that organization because it's largely vegan hippies that hang out in that place, a group that I really, really dislike, but I think it might be a good time and maybe I'll meet some new friends.

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