Friday, October 19, 2012

With my bills finally almost paid off, I'm looking into getting some new clothes for the first time in a couple years. Really, the last new clothes I bought was my fat clothes, all of which have been donated so I don't ever have to be reminded of those 40 pounds. The main thing I want to find at this point is flannel lined pants to keep my chicken legs warm and possibly a pair of respectable looking boots. I never believed my brother when he told me how windy this damned city is, but it turns out, it's just as windy. Why do they call Chicago the windy city? Because they won't shut up about it. When volunteering last month at the Milwaukee Open Doors event, I was stuck outside because my site lead wasn't there, so I was walking around outside the place and nearly got blown over by a gust of wind. I don't like that my balance is still as shitty as it is. I read a website about someone who had a stroke and didn't get their balance back but wanted to ride a bike. Their balance never came back, so they got some low to the ground tricycle thing, which I guess is an option, but not one I'm interested in just yet. I'd like to believe I can get this back. I feel like, if I can get my arm and hand working somewhat decently again, balance would be a little easier.

The problem I have with getting clothes is, I currently have a complete lack of closet space. For the first time in my life, I want a bigger closet. I've been looking into creative ways to use the little remaining space in my room, but nothing has jumped out at me as a great solution. I think this weekend, I need to reorganize the whole mess.

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