Monday, October 08, 2012

Started a new contract position today after being offered two jobs on Friday. This particular job was one that didn't have an interview, so I still haven't crossed that barrier. The recruiter told me he needed someone with basic HTML skills and I'm all, "Shit, bitch, I've been doing HTML since I was 16." and so, yeah, I'm doing this job. Turns out I'm basically creating their wiki, a knowledge-base of common questions their customers may have. No HTML required. Easy peasy.  I'm worried about it, though, because it is so easy. Karl Pilkington could do this.

I think the wiki is a great idea, as do the people in the facility. I posed the idea at my previous job that such a thing could be created by our customer service group for their own use, which many of them were behind, but I was greated with "They can use Sharepoint for that." Not really, though, because they locked Sharepoint down as tight as possible, so regular users couldn't edit anything. Not the same idea as a wiki. "But we'd need another server license and instance, which we don't want to support." No, just create a Linux server only accessible through the intranet. Make that shit user editable, keep the recent updates, so you can revert it when someone invariablly fucks something up and go with it. Tell them this is theirs, we don't support it, don't page us and watch it flourish. I think that's the idea with what I'm working on right now.

The pay kinda sucks, but I'm fortunate enough to be ugly and handicapped, so I don't have a family to support and my hospital bills will be payed off next month, so I'll not be spending $1000 a month on paying for the privilege of being handicapped. I work downtown, 9th floor, it's a 40 minute walk each way, I know because I've walked that far before. I won't be walking this because it's getting cold, but I might consider it because parking was a bitch this morning, even when I was an hour early, just in case I got lost. The phone GPS lady gets confused easily, so I don't trust her judgement all the time. They say this is a two month contract, I think I can finish it early if they give me everything I need information-wise. I have to ask each team member to provide me the intricacies of their clients, which takes some time. I've created a template to speed up data entry, to the point where I should be able to finish a client's wiki page in a half hour at most. I think this will be fun.

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