Sunday, October 14, 2012

I've gotten tired of every time I leave the house I see a girl I think is beautiful. It's kind of annoying and flies directly in the face of Tom's Milwaukee rule #3: No women for Tom. The girl yesterday was one with bright pink hair bat the empty bowls charity event. I had just been told by a black woman that I look like Elvis Costello, which floored me because I've never met a black woman who knows who Elvis Costello is.But the girl with the pink hair stood out in a crowd of Milwaukeeans and it reminded me of when my hair was that color pink. I was living in central Wisconsin and pink hair on a guy wasn't safe, so I had to be always on guard and cognizant of where I was relative to the local rednecks.

The whole flying in the face of rule #3 thing made me spend the night in last night thinking about it. What do I hope to accomplish with this rule? It's easier to not have to deal with explainig to someone that my left arm doesn't work. I don't want to admit that I'm disabled in any way. When I see my doctor, every time he suggests that he can get me a disabled parking sticker and I say no because I'm not in a bad enough position where I think I deserve a better parking space than anyone else. Hell, I deliberately park far away so no morons mess with my car or run a cart into it and I could always use the extra walk.

But I still don't know about rule # and what I'm trying to prove here3, the jury is still out on that one. I've known my entire life that I don't fit in with normal people and now my difference is external, something other people can clearly see despite my best efforts to hide it and that's not something I'm comfortable with yet.

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