Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's film festival time at my brother's theater and he gets a pass for any and all movies that he'd like, which he can't really use because he's working for the whole thing. So I've inherited a pass for movies. As much as I loathe theaters, I've picked quite a few films that I want to see. Looking at the movies I'm interested in makes me re-evaluate what kind of person I am. I realize that I generally like documentary style movies or movies about real stuff or stuff that could be real, which is why the mockumentary about curling caught my eye. I have no interest in the sport of curling at all, nor any knowledge of it apart from what can be gleaned from a Weakerthans song, so not much.

I was at the documentary about Bad Brains, sponsored by my new favorite coffee place. It turns out H.R. is kind of an asshole after years of god knows what drugs. It showed him at Riot Fest in 2007, with the whole band playing the songs while he stood on stage, just standing and smiling at the audience. He refused to sing at all, and the look on his face what one that I imagine I looked like when I was spaced the fuck out while I was on the steroids last year. There was one point in the movie where they were playing some festival and H.R. pulls out a bullet proof vest and puts it on before they performed. I have no idea how he got the vest or why he put it on, he just did it like it was a normal thing. I don't recall what particular festival it was at but I don't think it was in a place that warranted bullet proof vests. It was interesting to see Dave Grohl talk about how Bad Brains influenced him and how he basically stole a drum part and sort of incorporated it into Smells Like Teen Spirit. The movie also had the obligatory cameos of Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye because you can't talk about 80's D.C. punk without either of them.

The audience for the film was what interested me and was primarily what I went out to see. I turned out pretty surprised. There were quite a few black punk rock types, something I've never seen before. The couple behind me were 60 year old grandparents, not what I expected at a movie about a hardcore punk band. And because I was in the theater, there had to be someone talking during the movie, scoffing at every detail or correcting whoever was onscreen.

My plan for tonight is to check out the movie about young women who got pregnant in the 50's and got sent to maternity homes because it sounds like a terrible fate for anyone and seems like it'll be an interesting watch.

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