Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Fest time again and I'm not going again. I could well afford it this year, but I told myself in April that I didn't want to go because Anti-Flag are playing, which means this thing is now on par with Warped Tour. I can't think of many bands I'd be into seeing this year. After jamming City Mouse on Spotify, I think I've found a new snotty female punk band that doesn't suck ass, but they're playing Milwaukee soon with my friend's band.  I imagine the waits to get into venues are now on par with the lines at Disney. With a hurricane potentially bearing down on Florida, waiting in a line outside or walking to the next venue doesn't sound like where I want to be. A year ago, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do the walking required. I can't do the running required to catch the back to back shows, but I could easily do the walks, even the long hike to the fancy hotel on the swamp. I'm bummed that I can't yet ride a bike. I haven't actually tried, but I'm worried about my ability to stop the thing or to actually keep my bum foot on the pedals without a foot hold mechanism, which I don't think any of the weekend rental bikes are equipped with.

I'm telling myself next year is my year to go back, but I'm worried that I just don't care about punk rock anymore enough to justify it. I've actually not purchased music since March when I bought the new vinyl pressing of They Might Be Giants' John Henry. This whole week, I've been jamming RJD2 – The Horror since the radio man played it on my morning commute and got it stuck in my head. My stereo receiver has been dead since the heat of July destroyed it. I learned how much of a pain the the ass it is to haul my record collection down stairs into a 14' Uhaul truck, which made me tell myself that's enough. So I don't know if it's worth it to go to Fest even next year because, invariably, Skrillex is going to play, and I'll not want to be present for that because I don't even know what the fuck a Skrillex is, but I know that hairstyle looks terrible on women.

In a year, I'll have a job that's permanent doing something that is worthwhile and I'll be able ride a bike, use my left hand, and walk like a normal person and perhaps Fest 12 will be something I'll want to do. Depending on how harsh the winter is, I'm contemplating Punk Rock Bowling. Before then, I'll have to figure out if punk rock is still worth my time or if it's something you can keep and if I want to break my rule of never wanting to go to Las Vegas because of its proximity to California and its propensity to attract the shittiest humans.

Thinking about Fest makes me wonder if that dude Dan is going to Fest this year. I met this guy on the bus ride from Jacksonville to Gainesville and we talked about his trip from Australia to the states and his entire months vacation where he went to Riot Fest in Chicago, went to New York and New Orleans, how the fresh seafood in New Orleans is even better than what's in Sydney, how he was an elementary teacher in Sydney and about American sports. We stayed at the same hotel and had "breaky" the next morning and spoke of American "dollar notes". Dan offered me a place to stay when my card had been cancelled, but I declined because I wanted to rough it on a bus bench that night.I hope dude made it back to another Fest since then because it was obvious he had a great time and was doing his states tour right.

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