Thursday, October 04, 2012

I saw the movie about the women who got sent to maternity homes and it was as appalling as I figured it would be. The facts at the end that said a high school aged woman who became pregnant was immediately expelled from school and, if she kept the child, wasn't allowed back. This happened until 1973. That made me feel terrible to be a human. The educational films shown throughout were pretty hilarious in how out of touch they seemed. One suggested expecting mothers to pack a suitcase of items they'd need for their delivery in the hospital. "Pack spare clothes, a toothbrush, makeup and other essentials." Yep, makeup is important in that situation.

I also got to see the curling movie, which was subtitled and not as good as I had hoped. It was certainly funny, but I think something was lost in translation or the director cut some important scenes that explained the main character's sexual repression and his friend's dad's absence. It could be and robably is that I'm a stupid American and completely missed something, but it was certainly funny. I learned nothing about curling that I didn't already know, they slide stones in an attempt to get as close to the center of a circle as possible or knock their opponent's stone away while positioning their own stones. It's sillyness. The audience for the 9:30 at night showin were clearly curling enthusiasts.

I missed my chance to see the documentary about Anonymous, which I wanted to see to learn exctly how awesome they think they are for utilizing script kiddie tools. If I get out of my contract job early enough on Saturday, Princess Bride is showing with Brewers pitcher John Axford at my brother's theater. I couldn't care less about Brewers pitcher being there, but I'd like to see that movie on a big screen, enough to sit in a theater with obnoxious humans.

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