Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I find the power struggles at my job interesting and like comparing it to my previous experiences. As a temporary employee that's not going to be around once this project is finished, I'm keeping myself out of these office politics because it's all silly to me. I'm a temporary enough employee that I float to different cubes or offices every day to do my work because they don't have a permanent place for me. Today, I'm in the corner office with a view of the river. It'd only be better if it wasn't hazy and rainy and didn't smell like sewage. But I guess the sewage smell is how this town rolls when it rains.

Back to the power struggles. I watched a man nearly throw a fit yesterday because it was suggested in a meeting that devices be named in such a way that it would be easy to figure out what they are, which is reasonable. I guess they already do this in a way that's not immediately recognizable. The suggestion was to end the name with "r" for router or "s" for switch, which is signified by a "-" at some place in the name. As someone with a somewhat intimate knowledge of how these places work, I know that they want people to be able to understand their systems with minimal training because the service desk jobs are so shitty that they have tremendous turnaround. Teaching a new group of cube jockeys every week to know that if the name does or doesn't have a dash means it's a router takes time and money that they don't want to spend. The man who suggested the change is referred to as Spicoli. I wish I knew what if he looked like or spoke like an 80's Sean Penn, but I'm not privy to their meetings.

The passive aggressive namecalling and bitching is reminiscent of the angry fat guy I had to deal with every day at my paper mill job. It's not something I want to deal with or take part in. Even thinking about the angry fat guy drinking his multiple liter bottles of Mountain Dew every day makes me shudder. I really hope the dude stopped drinking that shit shit because I'm sure he'd lose weight like a motherfucker at that point, just like when I pooped out twenty pounds in a month when I came off the steroids and his acid reflux or whatever it is in his throat would be less severe and he's possibly be less moody once he got over his caffeine withdrawals. Not eating Subway all the time might fix most of that for him as well.

I feel like I should be trying restaurants on my lunch breaks, but I've only been taking half hour lunch breaks and just walking around. I found the bronze Fonz statue last week, which wouldn't be a big deal if it was something I was actively looking for. Just kind stumbling upon it was kind of a surprise and now I know that it's in the most random place possible by the river, probably to entice idiot tourists into the Chinese restaurant right there. I don't eat on my lunch break because I'm still terrified of getting fat again and I don't really want a gym membership at the place down the street from my job because they don't have any kind of parking at all, which seems moronic, but people actually go there from what I can tell. I also don't know if I would be comfortable going to a gym downtown with all the beautiful people who don't really need to be there.

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