Saturday, October 13, 2012

According to the drunken owner of the dive bar that is Riverwest's Elbow Room, my hair is back to where I want it to be. It only took almost a year of being drug free. Dude couldn't stop talking about my crazy hair to everyone in the bar. I wanted to tell him to shut up because he was drawing attention to me and the only reason I go to that bar on Friday is because the super hot bartender works there on Fridays and she knows I'm there for the two for $5 Tallboys and not the dollar "Blatz" pints, which are reported to be whatever's left in the keg, probably Icehouse. It was fun meeting the owner, though, he's a cool guy who blasts Nat King Cole on the stereo when he's drunk, which I can support.

I got to thinking about being a year drug free and how my body is almost normal again. My metabolism isn't what it used to be, I've been getting a little bigger in the gut area, which I attribute to beer and eating unhealthy convenience foods that I know I shouldn't eat because it probably has poop in it, but damn if Tino's burritos aren't still delicious. And my skin is healthier now, too. My fingernails aren't brittle and gross anymore, so I think that's Tom:1 and Doctors:0. Once my bills are paid off, I'm done with hospitals and doctors. They tried to break me but failed. They fucked me up good but ultimately couldn't kill me. It'll take a lot more than that to finish me off. I figure it'll be prostate cancer, which, after my dad's diagnosis last year, I find runs in my family, so that'll be the next big thing, getting my asshole looked at.

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