Monday, September 17, 2012

Yep. I want the job at the television station doing desktop support there. Nevermind that it's all of two blocks from Sal's pizza or that it's a quick jaunt from home, but it seems like a good place to work with room to grow. It appears that it's what I'm looking for, they don't shy away from using Linux or even scoff at its existence like the paper mill who could have used it to scared Microsoft into lowering its licensing contracts by threatening to switch entirely to Linux servers because I understand they tend to listen to kind of thing and react accordingly. I got a tour of the entire television fcility, from the computerized camera that look like Daleks, to the green screen that the weather guy uses, to the server room that feeds advertisements. All quite fascinating and when he said "and this is the switch that controls our live feed...", I was thinking, "okay, I'll just pull this cable then..." but even at that point, this seemed like the gig for me, so no unplugging of critical cables was performed. Milwaukee residents are still safe to watch Katie Couric interview the author of the book for yuppie morons.

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