Sunday, September 16, 2012

With all the walking I did this weekend, I think I've given myself shin splints. I've found out that I walk at about three miles per hour, not as fast as I used to walk, but not too shabby, either. I run at... well, I can't run anymore. Not having a usable left side means my balance is so shitty that I can't do that kind of thing anymore. I tried running up stairs yesterday and found that doesn't work, either. I nearly fell. I really hate this body some days and I consider treating myself like G.G. Allin because he didn't give a fuck.
I've somehow gained a few pounds according to my friend's bathroom scale, but I don't know where that gained weight is. My slim pants are still too big, even with my belt. Quite the turnaround, a year ago my slim pants were too small, now they're too big. I try to tell myself I'm not fat, but I apparently have the body image of a twelve year old girl or something.
My brother asks me if I've come across the Milverine in my travels about Milwaukee. What the fuck is a Milverine? The Hodag's non-redneck brother? It's a human who walks about with his shirt off and is built like you'd imagine a wolverine would be. No, I haven't seen that, but I have noticed an abundance of people who look like Karl Pilkington, round headed buffoon. Head like an orange. The bald with five o'clock shadow look is in this fall. I see these people and instantly look around for cameras to see if they're doing an idiot abroad in Milwaukee. I want to see if I can get a pair of Pilko's pump pants.

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