Thursday, September 06, 2012

I had a dream I was at Fest arriving at the airport in Jacksonville, which sucks because I'm not going again this year because Anti-Flag is playing. My justification is that Anti-Flag is some how still relevant in 2012? I don't want to find out who still listens to them or even takes them seriously. I don't need to be in the same city as them, so, as much as I love Fest, it's not happening this year. Sad face. But the dream was awesome. It felt like I was really there! The feeling of stepping off the plane was always fucking awesome, like I was making a pilgrimage to Mecca or some shit. It was always that welcome home type of feeling, knowing that I was going to shows with a couple thousand of my newest friends and would be sharing high fives with new people and not feeling completely out of place like I usually do. I spent my labor day at picnic put on by the neighborhood co-ops, which was pretty damn awesome. Tofurkey brats: I don't know what's in there, but it's tasty. If the casing were snappier, I could be a convert. I had an odd moment where the dude on the picnic table next to me started talking to me and thought I was with the girl sitting near me. We had a conversation about rock 'n' roll and how the real stuff is hard to find these days. He was an old guy, who it turns out was on the board of the co-op. He was cool and he got the girl near me talking to me. She studied nutrition and had an ex-husband from the UK who was in a band that signed to a label somewhere. She was cute, but had scars on her arm that suggested she was a cutter. As much as I love Ellie on Degrassi, that's the kind of crazy that I don't need in my life. And she was vegetarian. She told me about the great food at the co-op and when she mentioned the "macaroni and trees", I thought maybe she was retarded and couldn't say cheese, but it turns out, it's macaroni with broccoli, which I can get behind. I finished that night getting drunk with my bro and his friend, having not shown off my macaroni and cheese because it had meat in it and those people were clearly all vegans or vegetarians.

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