Friday, September 07, 2012

I get tired of the constant stream of job rejections in my email inbox. Today's was the job that I really wanted, working for a small computer fix-it company just starting up. The commute to South Milwaukee didn't excite me, but I thought the job would have been cool and I thought the interview went pretty well, better than most. I'm tired of trying to work with job recruiters because each and every one of them says the same shit, "I don't know anything about technology, so keep it simple when explaining things." The lady last week surprised the hell out of me when she asked me what the "MS troubleshooting skills" requirement meant. It's her job to represent IT people, so I would think she'd be smart enough to realize that, in this industry, the safe assumption is that MS stands for Microsoft. I'm sorry if I'm blowing your mind here but it seems like that should be basic common knowledge in 2012. It's hard to explain to someone your skills with things that are acronyms and then having to explain what those acronyms mean. The thing is, I know what they're looking for, they want to hear the key buzzwords that they've been taught to look for, which are, right now, cloud, Java developer, and Windows 8. I'm actually looking forward to Windows 8 and the shitstorm it'll introduce because mortals can't figure it out. My dad will act the same as that guy's dad and my answer on that tech support call will be an enthusiastic "Fuck you!" This idiotic move to a tablet operating system on a desktop computer has me excited for the downfall of Microsoft, as I'm hoping it'll get companies into seriously looking at Linux as an operating system so as to avoid these kind of fuckups every other generation. The thing that frustrates me the most is that this is the god damned future! Why isn't telecommuting a real thing? I mean, I've got a 10 megabit internet connection at this place, my pipes are fat, why don't we utilize this in real life? I understand that focus is hardware and therefore I have to be somewhere so that I can respond to "Yeah, I spilled coffee on my keyboard. I need a new one.", but Clumsy McCoffeespiller doesn't need to be there, either. They can be situated in their home and go out to the store to spend $20 on a new USB keyboard that they could then plug in themselves. I understand that we don't live in the future of hoverboards and flying cars, but VPNs exist, I know this for a fact and that actual people can connect to these so-called Virtual Private Networks from anywhere with an internet connection.

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