Sunday, September 02, 2012

First Sunday roast was a success, as much of a success as a hearty meal without dessert can be, I suppose. It kind of pisses me off that the classically trained guy makes carving a chicken look so easy. One handed carving is a little more difficult and I think my bird had more bones than his or something. Before moving here, I told my bro that I want Sunday roasts to become a thing. I read up on the traditional English Sunday roast and its origins and thought it was an awesome idea.Gather family and friends over, no television, maybe the day's match, beers, and food. Sounds like a cracking good time. Ultimately, when my hospital bills are paid off and I'm not sending twice my monthly rent to hospitals who won't fix me and my car is fixed and running better, I want to do a real roast with an expensive cut of meat and Yorkshire puddings. I imagine the puds will take a few tries to perfect, at least, that's what the English would have me believe, but every picture I see of one of these meals makes me hungry as all get out. I daydream about making youtube videos of me throwing one of these meals together, and doing some fancy editing to make it like an episode of Rock 'n' Roller remote Controller. Tabman could even show up to help. This kind of all depends on me getting a permanent job and not bullshit contract workwhere I only work a couple days a week. Getting paid $20 an hour is pretty awesome, but I need something more reliable to pan out. I think my interview in South Milwaukee went well, better than the phone interview with the Indian guy who talked like he had a dick in his mouth and I hung up on because I don't really want to work for the motorcycle company if I have to deal with Indians who talk with dicks in their mouths. Shouldn't they be working for the other motorcycle company making cool motorcycles?

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