Sunday, August 26, 2012

My buddy's "divorce party" last night was first real foray into meeting people in this town and it was interesting. For a dude getting divorced, I thought dude had it pretty together. I mean, he was quite drunk but , were I in that situation, I'd have been a wreck. Thing were going well until the treadmill went off the balcony. The beer ran out about midnight. Fortunately, provisions were called for earlier and bikes were sent to the lone bar that's somehow grandfathered in to be able to sell takeout beer until midnight. When the Schlitz was gone, I was given the bottle of wine to finish off so my night could continue. When the drunks started talking about the treadmill and how it should be put on craigslist but "No, do I look even remotely in shape? It doesn't work." "Well, lets put it off the balcony then!" And they moved off to sing metal with their falsetto voices and to discuss what to do with the not working treadmill. The disappointing thing was that The Ergs reunited for a day to play dude's wedding and I was hoping something similar could happen to celebrate the fact that dude isn't married now, perhaps by playing on the balcony that had, months earlier, collapsed during a party hosting too many people on the balcony during a midlife crisis summer celebration. After the douchey Chicago left for Chicago, we were talking and finishing up presumably the last beers and listening to amazing falsettos from the house upstairs and we heard a crash. That's probably the treadmill going off the balcony, it's time to leave before the cops come. We made it to the front yard to see some heavy looking metal parts fly to the trees and hit the ground loudly while some sketchy dudes were walking back and forth across the street. The treadmill was in a pile on the ground with dude on top of it still drinking. Yep, time to leave before the cops get here or before something gets lit on fire.

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