Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It felt good to put in a hard day's work yesterday. It was even better at the end when they said "You finished them all in a day? We don't have to schedule more time? That's excellent!" I didn't appreciate the initial stares I got because my left hand doesn't work. If I'm going to get stared at, I'd rather it be because I have bright orange hair again or something.I don't like that I have to drive to Sheboygan next Monday morning to do one computer, which will be done in under an hour, but they pay mileage, so I'll take it. Tuesday has me in Kenosha, which gives me an excuse to eat White Castle, as if I needed a good excuse for it.
After a good day of work, I figured I should go grocery shopping to pick up needed essentials for culinary wonders in our mediocre kitchen. While scouring the cheese aisle to try to find the awesome smoked cheddar that's available at home(It's not available in Milwaukee so far), I realized that, goddamn, there's a lot of attractive women here. It may be tough to adhere to my rules. I gave my bro three rules when I moved in:
  1. All animals are equal
  2. don't be a dick. No passive aggressive shit. If you've got a problem, bring it up.
  3. No women for Tom.

I don't think the women thing will be a problem but it seems sights are set a little low here. Hipsters are fat and moustachey and generally ugly but they somehow get women. I'm ugly, so my chances might be good, except that I use a razor often because I understand that dudes with out of control facial hair look terrible. When asked why I'd do this to myself, it's because I'm ashamed of how I compromised myself and my values when I was with someone and I'm embarrassed that I made someone else do the same. I don't want to do that again.

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