Monday, August 13, 2012

I think this might be my new coffee place. The coffee is cheaper and better than Alterra. No tele playing adventure time but the barista dude is talking abour H.R. from Bad Brains with a dude with a face tattoo. No moms with three year olds in sight. The internet's kind of slow here but they sell issues of razorcake and I just talked to my buddy Clifford W. Smith that I haven't seen in years. They serve pints of coffee here, a measurement of coffee I never considered before. The thing I have to get done this week is get our internet situation figured out. My bro's old roommate must have cancelled service or something, so I've been without for a week, living off of coffee shop internet and tethering my computer to my phone, which I'm pretty sure my provider hates. Fuck 'em, though. I get 5 gigs of bandwidth a month and use maybe 100 megs, more now that the navigator is saving my ass on a daily basis. I'd consider home Fios, but the price site refuses to load, which is their loss. I need to find out who provides in this area while not choosing Charter who sent me two mailings a week at my old place, each with the line "Final offer!" printed on them. Perhaps I'm confused to the meaning of "final", but I refuse to do business with them ever because of it. I visited a community discussion last nigh at the neighborhood bar, Public House, where the speakers were folks they sent to Detroit to help people out up there. It was quite interesting, as it sounds like Detroit is damn near a third world country right now. They spoke of using what they learned about organizing to do shit in Riverwest, start community gardens, make this place better. Listening to them speak about it was quite amazing, I've never heard anyone actually give much of a shit about community or their block or whatever. They look like hipsters but they don't want their area gentrified in the name of urban renewal, which I can stand with. Some of their ideas are kind of crunchy for me, I'm thinking of the lady who suggested composting poop, but I'll let her shit in a bucket if she wants to do that to grow her own food. It'll take a zombie apocalypse to get me to consider pooping into a bucket to grow tomatoes, though.

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