Monday, July 30, 2012

With my couch getting donated to the fastest taker, my place is a little emptier. A load has been taken off, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get rid of the thing before my move. It's all kind of depressing. I moved into this place three years ago with hope that this would be the best place ever. And, apart from the mouse, it really has been my favorite place to rest my head ever, but the past couple years have been filled to the brim with so much bad that it's difficult to remember when things weren't shitty. I was able to move everything here with very little help, I walked boxes and bags from my old place here after work every day. I've got boxes and boxes of shit now, so I ask myself "When did I become such a crass consumer American?" I've become that which I hate above everything else, which really fits in with me hating myself more than any other person on the planet. With this monkey lifted off my back, I can finish putting all my earthly belongings into boxes and donating the crap I don't need or have room for to goodwill. And carrying those boxes downstairs is terrifying because my balance is still very uncoordinated, so that I'm yelling "Don't fall" to myself with every step. I haven't fallen since that fucking demon child pushed me over at Christmas, though. That's another benefit to this move, I can and will opt out of holidays since I won't be a half hour away. I don't have to see or hear about the latest crotchfruit being introduced to the family by people who have no business procreating. Despite changing into an American, I still believe that only stupid people are breeding. The cretins cloning and feeding... I can't help but feel like a failure as I leave this place. I'm leaving completely defeated. I've lost my job, my arm, my financial stability.

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