Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The recruiter lady suggested that I prepare a speech for my interview, one that explains who I am and why I'm looking for a new position. I don't want to let them know about my medical condition because there's no way to describe it in a way they'll understand except by saying I had a stroke. I've found that mentioning that condition pretty much assures that the next call I receive is one that says "Yeah, no thanks." if I get the courtesy of a call at all. The thing that's got me stressed the most is that the starting pay is at my wear a tie level of pay. I've always said that you can have
  1. friendly, courteous Tom
  2. knowledgeable Tom
  3. Tom in a tie
. For less than $20 an hour, you can pick two. At or above that, you can have all three, so it's a good thing that I've figured out one handed tie tieing. Can I work for a bank or does that go against my values? I don't know where I stand on anything anymore, but they supposedly didn't receive any bail out, which I can get behind. Am I ready for this kind of thing again? I don't know. I still get extremely stressed out thinking about the angry fat guy who epitomized the BOFH and made sure to make everyone's life a living hell. I don't really want to be a desk rabbit because some ditsy moron kicked her plugin out for the fifth time. The recruiter lady also suggested that, when asked about my strengths and weaknesses, that I should make sure my weaknesses are also strengths. No. I've had that backfire, and the interviewer called me out on it. I didn't ask what I should say if I'm asked about the existence of manhole covers again, which I'm still baffled by. When exactly did the history of manhole covers become relevant to any kind of employment?

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