Friday, July 20, 2012

I miss having massive nights and the fun that goes along with them. I'm hoping that by moving to Milwaukee, I can relive that fun, but today's once again failed interview proves that a real life if far out of the reach of my grasp, no matter how hard I try. I've maintained my 0% success rate at job interviews with today's failure.

I haven't been assured failure, but when I asked how I compared to other interviewees like the recruiter lady suggested, the interviewer wouldn't look me directly in the eye, which television suggests her answer was complete bullshit, meaning, no, I'm not getting a callback. My aunt watches enough NCIS for me to have learned that when they look down and to the left when answering your question, they're lieing.

I figure it's for the better that I'm been single for a year. I mean, there's no way that relationship could have sustained itself through all this. It was bound to fail in the end. So there's a positive in that. I only wish that I could quit hearing "Things will get better, I promise" because that's a promise you can't and won't keep.

A pitcher of beer and two Hamms later coupled with the remainder of my failure whiskey and I'm ready to pass out for the night or week even if the dude at the bar said I look like the guy from the Descendents and then strummed bikeage on ther guitar while I drunkenly sang "Who's gonna pick you up and take you home with them tonight? Not me!" and I waited for the night to get worse. Bottoms up to better days.

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