Thursday, January 05, 2012

They ruined the illusion for me today. There's a trainer at the gym who looks like House's doctor Chase but with fuller hair. I've got his story built up in my mind. This trainer thing is only his day job. By night, he isn't forced to listen to a radio station that's contractually obligated to play Katy Perry twice an hour. In fact, that radio station kills him as much as it does me. He saves lives at a hospital, but not the one here in town because they have their heads in their assholes here.This dude removes tumors, appendices, and limbs with the precision of a pro.
But this all revolved around him having an Australian accent. Dude does not have that. Dude sounds like a bro. I'm tired of bros. He probably is the one who programmed that radio station in there in the first place. He soldered the tuning button so that it can't be changed to something that isn't shitty and repetitive. He doesn't save lives during his off hours, he's off with the cute redhead who wears a sorority shirt, dealbreaker by the way, not that it matters, because, let's be honest, dead left side is a dealbreaker, too.

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