Sunday, January 08, 2012

So I'm doing the incline treadmill so I get myself sweated up enough to be able to leave and not feel guilty that I didn't work hard enough. This girl comes up to me, stares for a second and starts telling me that I really should get some workout shoes. I wear my shoes with the retard laces every day because I can get them on and they stay on. I've thought about getting comfortable shoes for the gym and finding retard laces for them, but I don't like the way shoes look anymore. Skate shoes have giant tongues so that they look like clown shoes and all the cross trainers I see are ugly with giant logos and bright colors. She then digs into my choice of attire, telling me I really should get some workout pants. Are shorts not good enough? Is the gym a fashion show now? Am I supposed to give a shit about my appearance in a place where old hairy dudes roam around the locker room balls naked?So the first person to actually talk to me in a week was some chick negging me. I don't know what the hell that was about but it really bothers me and it probably shouldn't.

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