Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's pretty amazing how not-nervous you can be when you're interviewing for a job you don't give a shit if you get or not. Satan came through for me, getting me an interview in hell itself. The hospital who turned me into Frankenstein needs help desk bitches. I have no interest at all in this position except that I really want a job so I have a good reason to not be at home besides going to the gym so I can get everything off my mind. I need to get my grandpa's liver cancer out of my head, even though they've given him less than a year to live. I need to stop thinking every bad thing that happens is my fault. Worry leads to stress which helps cause the paunch that makes a flat stomach nothing more than a pipe dream. I very nearly broke my resolution when I found out grandpa has cancer. I decided that drug free means nicotine free, so I quit the Lucky Strikes again. My two a days helped calm me down and ease my mind while coming off the mind control drugs, but not smoking saves me about $10 a week. I'd still shiv a man for a Chesterfield, but I'm usually not missing my smokes until shit gets real like my grandpa having cancer.

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