Saturday, December 17, 2011

Satan doesn't celebrate that holiday that happens this month. Rather, he decorates for Hanukkah. I thought it could be just to piss off Hitler, but I think he doesn't celebrate that other holiday for the same reason I hate celebrating my birthday: He hates the guy born on that day. We're not allowed to say the name of it because he hates it so much. I guess this means Satan is a Jew, so this could technically be Sheol. I don't know. It's not a cool place to be, though.

Some of the damned use hell's gym. It's also not a good place to be. Naked dudes crowd the locker room and won't get out of your way to allow you access to your locker. They don't wipe their sweat off the seats, either, despite there being towels designated with signs suggesting you wipe up your mess on every one.

The Turbonegro songs that they keep playing at the gym are getting old, too. I mean, Hank von Helvete is pretty badass, but he gets old fast.

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