Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The marquee says tonight's horrible movie is the Punisher movie. I've always hated that one because I know I could make it a much better movie by completely removing any attempt at a plot and replacing the lead actor with Henry Rollins. Give him the shirt with the skull on it and give him some big guns. Blow some drug dealer's shit up for an hour and a half and you've got the perfect Punisher movie. I'm skipping it tonight, I'll spend my time in the void. I was worried it was going to be Rude Boy tonight, to get back at me for talking with Joe.

We're still lighting candles every night of Hanukkah. It really pisses Hitler off, which is always fun. I'll sometimes pass the time by going back to the entrance and watching the new arrivals get their kick in his groin. It's a good way to kill some time. Satan tells me she's getting close to finding me a job. Not really looking forward to it. It would be better than spending time in hell's gym because the Januaries will be there soon, the ones who resolute to drop 1000 pounds, join the gym and nearly kill themselves by over-doing it and then quit by February. I figure that, if I time it right, I could be getting fired by the moment the last of the Januaries is quitting, so maybe working on Satan's computers will be a good thing. I shouldn't talk, though, expressing hope and optimism is expressly verboten down here. I could be forced to wander the void more often or, worse, forced to drink more of that damned Sanka coffee. Nothing like drinking shitty brown water.

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