Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The lady who does my hair told me that I have a lot of new hairs sprouting on the back of my head, which she says means I'm getting healthier. I guess I hadn't noticed a lot of hair loss but she told me this kind of thing happens when you get sick. So the positivity from that got me using my terminator glove again to pick up nerf balls to get my hand working better. 100 balls were done with relative ease once I got the damned glove on. So it appears I am getting better. My hand won't be good until I can use the pepper mill again, which I miss because I like pepper on my eggs. I'm not looking forward to teaching my left hand to type again, but I already know how I'm going to do it when I need to. Countless hours of mudding(text based online role playing[I have to see if Zod the Druish Noble still exists and to see if they fixed creeping death to make it worth its once every 24 hours and incapacitation penalties]) and giving my website a much needed facelift.

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