Monday, November 21, 2011

I've decided on making the coq au vin for my Tomsgiving, which allows me to be the test subject for something I'm none too comfortable making. It's supposed to be a really fancy dinner recipe, hence the French name. There was a girl who was trying to impress me with her kitchen prowess before I met Hanna who told me she made it quite often. I scared her off when I told her I liked to make macaroni and cheese and not clarifying that I didn't mean the orange shit. I'm probably better off not knowing that chick. I don't need pretentious bitches in my life. I'm pretentious enough as it is. I'm excited about the maple orange cranberry sauce, which could be good or it could be gross. It's a new cook's illustrated recipe, so I'm leaning towards it being good.

I'm none too excited about looking for a new job, but I've found one that sounds promising. They have 5 openings for techs to image new computers to replace their older ones. It's a one year contract, they need over 2,000 computers replaced. I figure it could be done in half that time, especially if there's five of me around and they have a proper workspace with decent bandwidth, which they won't because they never do. The imaging process was one of the more interesting parts of my job, though a little tedious if the Windows image isn't recent. Ours ay work were never recent because we didn't have any space to store them, so it would take hours to get up to date and usable to where my morons needed them.

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