Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I can't get the taste of muscle milk out of my mouth. I figured I'd try it since my weight loss has tapered off and I'm stuck at 140, 10-15 pounds more than I want to be. No way I'm drinking that shit again. I didn't read the label close enough before purchasing, "Contains no milk", but the label suggests that there's other good for you stuff in there. Good for you stuff tastes like ass. It probably won't get that cardio wave machine to hurt less or get me to add another 20 pounds to the ab machine, which I have to do because 500 crunches a day hogs that machine from the geriatrics and the tribal tattooed meatheads who want it. Why do they all have tribal tattoos? And why don't women realize those mean that guy's a douchebag?

said Tommy T. at 5:05 PM - #

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