Monday, November 14, 2011

The girl at the bar went around asking everyone who their first girlfriend was. After much debate, it was decided that, for the purpose of this exercise, girlfriend meant the first girl that you wanted to do more with when you kissed her. I elaborated on the story of Morgan, the bitch and a half. She messed me up quite well, ultimately breaking up with me through an ICQ chat message, leaving me so she could pursue my brother(which she failed miserably at). I explained how she'd slap my hand and tell me to knock it off when I tried to hold her hand or even look her in the eyes and about how her dad told me I had no personality at all(this from a man who is an elementary school principal who believes Friends is the best sit-com ever). To this day, I'm still trying to peel off the residue left behind by that bitch.

As the Hamms flowed, the stories got better, including one about a guy who escaped the cops at a busted drinking party to meet up with his girl while making sure his father didn't find out he wasn't home. Unfortunately, Benji, the guy with the most hilarious voice ever, had left an hour before, I would have loved to hear his story or his remarks on the stories told.

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