Saturday, November 12, 2011


I liked this song the most at last night's bar show because it's geographically relevant.

Beforehand, I tried watching a movie on my projector until I realized that sucks alone, too. I know I miss a lot of things, but laying in bed, watching movies and shows projected on the wall was always way cool.

I've lost an average of a pound a day this week, which is pretty awesome to me. I no longer feel like Cartman in the morning. I'm about ten pounds away from being normal again. I've doubled my leg press weight in about a month, it's not going to double again because pushing 240 pounds with one leg will leave me with one giant leg and one normal one. I don't need to go from one extreme to another. I'm hoping to be able to fit into my size 28 Seattle pants next week. I haven't worn them since the night before Neil's wedding when I popped its button, a first for me. This is a bad time to try to lose weight, what with gingerbread pop-tarts being once again in season, along with "berry burst ice cream" oreos being delicious.

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